Dec 30 2024


April 2024, venue: Chifte Amam

Exhibition on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the first edition of the book "The Adventures of Pinocchio - A Tale of a Puppet" by Carlo Collodi, the most translated Italian book in the world. In collaboration with the Italian Embassy, the exhibition at the ADI Design Museum from Milan, will present to the Macedonian audience the design project "Dearest Pinocchio, Italian designers and graphic designers redesign the world's most famous doll", curated by Giulio Jacetti.

May 2024, venue: Chifte Amam Retrospective exhibition of Dragan Vergovski - Alpi

His work ranges from figurative painting, landscape, and abstraction where his professional dedication is evident - conservation and restoration in implementing the history and tradition of this region into his work, significant for Macedonian fine arts of the past century, and will provide a comprehensive insight into the mosaic of modern and contemporary art in our country.

May 2024, venue: Daut Pasha Amam Solo exhibition of Miroslav Masin

Miroslav Masin, a representative of contemporary Macedonian painting, will present himself with a solo exhibition to the delight of the audience. In addition to painting, Masin participates in installations and performances, in video clips, and stage design for performances.

May 2024, venue: Mala Stanica Project "Bostanje", documentary-action ecological project

The involvement of artists in projects dedicated to the preservation, protection, and improvement of the environment is important for highlighting the processes that are happening around them. The sustainability of urban gardens is based on the application of design on the terrain itself, taking into account all elements such as microclimate, terrain geology, community experiences in growing various gardening cultures, water supply, electricity, access roads, and more.

May 2024, venue: Mala Stanica - 15th Youth Spring Salon

"Small format" is the theme of this year's 15th Youth Spring Salon. High school students and students from faculties of visual arts and design can participate in the spring salon. The best, according to the jury, will receive diplomas, awards, and recognition for their efforts and creativity. The exhibition will be held at Mala Stanica and the opening is planned for May 23, 2024.

August 2024, venue: Chifte Amam Tomo Vladimirski - jubilee exhibition on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of birth

Toma Vladimirski (1904-1971) was a Macedonian painter, set designer, one of the founders of modern Macedonian painting. In 1935, he completed an academic course in Belgrade. He is characterized by diverse thematic determinations: urban motifs, still life, portraits, as well as motifs from the Vardar and Radika rivers.

September 2024, venue: Chifte Amam Retrospective exhibition of Zlatko Trajkovski – Hinki

Zlatko Trajkovski Hinki is a visual artist who worked in the context of post-modernist work and one of the first artists to use video, installation, and performance as mediums in his artistic activity. The exhibition will indicate the relationships between two important modalities of his work: the figure of the fusion of traditional and modern materials/mediums and the figure of the time capsule.
September 2024, venue: Chifte Amam "Working" by Goce Nanevski in collaboration with Dorian Milovanovic It is an interdisciplinary research project that locates its interest in the aspects of the state "at work" (literally) and the consequences it provokes. The project encompasses insights into four themes: perception, audibility, silence, and zero. The author's intention is to explore seemingly simple situations that partially delve into the scientific but also frozen images of intuition with little or no awareness of them.


September 2024, venue: Daut Pasha Amam Vangel Kodzoman, Jubilee Exhibition on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of birth

Vangel Kodzoman, one of the founders of modern Macedonian painting. His artistic work is extensive, created in various periods and marks the development of Macedonian contemporary art. He worked in various techniques and themes, multiple genres through immense interest in portraiture, self-portraiture, landscape composition, old-town architecture, caricature, social, and historical themes.

October 2024, venue: Chifte Amam Retrospective exhibition of Bedi Ibrahim

Bedi Ibrahim is a sculptor whose syncretic colored visual language is globally generated from the Euro-Asian cultural circle. Decoding the signs inevitably leads the observer from one unknown narrative horizon to another. The superiority of his bilingual cultural code, with authentic coloration, will greatly enrich and ennoble the Macedonian artistic context.

October 2024, venue: Chifte Amam "Shadows," Emil Shulajkovski - solo exhibition

Emil Shulajkovski's three-decade-long painting work is based on the basic painterly postulate - color, as a visual perception through which the essence of painting is realized. Shulajkovski's imaginary worlds reflect the poetic feeling of the atmosphere, reflecting a kind of theosophy, anthroposophy that celebrates the "joy of living" through a pantheistic life and artistic philosophy.

October-November 2024, venue: Daut Pasha Amam Risto Lozanoski 1923-2023,

Jubilee Exhibition on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of birth A retrospective-monographic presentation of Risto Lozanoski is made on the occasion of the jubilee 100 years since the birth of one of the founders of Macedonian modern art. Risto Lozanoski belongs to the post-war generation of painters who bring a new spirit to Macedonian visual art. He is the founder and member of the art group "Denes," which brings freshness and opens new currents in Macedonian contemporary visual art.

November 2024, venue: Chifte Amam Parodia Divina, Strahil Petrovski - solo exhibition

Visual breviary of humanism - The multidisciplinary project "Parodia Divina" (Divine Parody) in its very title is an open allusion to the imaginative vision - the "dream" of Dante Alighieri called "Divine Comedy." At a higher level, Strahil Petrovski's project, but also his previous work, decisively raises the question of the artist's engagement today and the role of art in society.

November 2024, venue: Daut Pasha Amam Stefan Manevski 1934-2024,

 Jubilee Exhibition on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of birth Stefan Manevski, who belongs to the generation of sculptors who brought a new spirit to Macedonian sculpture thought. His beginnings (1963/64) were actually linked to an inventive series of informal drawings. Later, the author gradually refines the form and simplifies the morphology of his sculptural language.

November 2024, venue: Mala Stanica Jubilee Exhibition 30 years of the work of Bashkim Medziti

Bashkim Medziti teaches at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the State University in Tetovo. He has had over twenty solo exhibitions in the country and abroad. He is actively involved in painting and sculpture.

December 2024, venue: Chifte Amam Solo exhibition of Ljulzime Leka - Mulaku "Metamorphosis 2"

Ljulzime Leka-Mulaku's visual representation is closely linked to the idea of the female phenomenon in our society and represents its disproportional presence in a visible form. The theme of the exhibition "Metamorphosis 2" represents the lack of a real view of existential aesthetic values, such as the woman.


The National Gallery of the Republic of North Macedonia reserves the right to make changes and additions to the Program.

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