Beer festival in Prilep

Jul 14 2024

The Beer Festival is a great event that promotes the city of Prilep as a tourist destination for all well wishers, a place where the biggest party happening at this time in the country.

The Beer Festival means good entertainment, cold beer and barbecue, socializing, concerts of popular music stars in these areas, a huge attendance at the Festival, guests from all over Macedonia, foreign tourists and breweries, that in addition to beer they represent their culture as well. It is a wealth of diversity.

Each year the city of Prilep hosts 200,000 visitors for the four festival days.



On the exhibition space of 2900 m2 and a total of 22 locations, participate more breweries and authorized distributors of beer, restaurants and caterers. For four days they drink about 120 tons of beer: Golden Oak, Tuborg, Skopje beer, Heineken, Amstel, Kamenica etc.

Cultural entertainment program of the festival takes place at two venues, large and small stage by stage stars of rock music, folk, pop, trance, retro and others.

So wherever you are, go ahead in July, have a beer in Prilep.

Official link of The beer festival web page.



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