Ohrid Lake

Ohrid Lake - inexhaustible bottom of rarities

One of the most beautiful gifts of nature in Europe is the Ohrid Lake and its surroundings. It's enough to just see it staying at a distance, hear the waves and stare in the infinite blue to fall in love with it. The lake is located in the southwestern part of Macedonia, it is between 4 and 10 million years old, and therefore it is the oldest on our continent. At first glance it can confuse you with its size, so you might consider it to be a sea. Its surface is 358.2 km2.

Ohrid Lake

Biljanini Izvori/Biljana’s spings

Lake Ohrid is characterized by underwater springs located along the eastern and southern coasts, so the water is incredibly clear. Transparency in some places reaches even 22 meters. Most of the surface springs are found in the vicinity of the monastery St. Naum, and in the immediate vicinity of the city Ohrid is one of the most famous springs - Studencishta, known as Biljanini Izvori. The largest depth measured on Ohrid Lake is between the villages of Pestani and Trpeica , and it is about five kilometers from the lake shore.

Ohrid Lake Biljanini Izvori

Ohrid trout

Ohrid trout (scientifically Salmo letnica) - endemic freshwater fish that lives in Ohrid Lake, and belongs to the family of trout. The maximum length ranges from 25 to 60 cm, and the weight is up to 15.8 kg. Its characteristic is that along its body it has alternately red circles and gray stellar freckles. As one of the trademarks of Macedonia, it is also found on Macedonian coins. There are more than 200 species of endemic organisms in Ohrid Lake, some of which are unchanged from the time of the tertiary. These are the four types of sponges, the most famous of which is the endemic round sponge, the rare snail species, and the relict algae species. And, one of the most specific plants is the underwater plant "Hara". In addition, the city and the lake are protected as a natural and cultural treasure by UNESCO.

Ohrid Lake

Beaches along Ohrid Lake

Besides the city beaches in Ohrid and Struga, on the line from Ohrid to St. Naum stretches the Ohrid Riviera, in which every tourist can find their interest.

Beach Gorica
  • 4 km from Ohrid
  • Surroundings for a feeling of peace
  • Beach surrounded by high rocks
  • Ideal view of the whole Ohrid riviera

  • 4 km from Ohrid, in the area of St. Stefan
  • One of the most visited beaches, arranged and clean
  • The biggest attraction is the 75-meter toboggan

Metropol and Bellevue
  • 8 km from Ohrid, 100 m from the lake
  • Two hotels with modern equipped rooms with lake view
  • Sports fields, bowling alley, swimming pools, conference room, sauna, heliotherapy, casino, fitness

Ohrid Lake
  • The longest beach - 285 meters
  • Various snow parties are organized - foam, rain and balloons
  • With a special place for parking of scooters and motorboats
  • A special attraction is the relaxation, drinks and socializing platform

  • Autocamp 10 km from Ohrid
  • 700 beds in bungalows and camp - trailers
  • Possibility of stay in one’s own camp - caravans and tents

Swimming competitions and regattas in Ohrid Lake

The wonderful Ohrid Lake is actually the largest sports field in Macedonia. It is an ideal place for organizing swimming competitions and regattas. Sailing is one of the oldest sports on this lake, and the first sailboat was made in the distant 1940. Join the wind and let it be your driver, on the waters of one of the oldest and most beautiful lakes in the world.

Ohrid Lake Swimming competitions

Each year, in the second half of August, the swimming elite from around the world gather in Ohrid, on Lake Ohrid. In Ohrid there is a swimming marathon, which begins from the monastery of St. Naum and the competitors swim along the coast to the city port, about 30 kilometers. Since 1998, the Ohrid Swimming Marathon has been entered in the World Swimming Club, under the auspices of the FINA-World Swimming Association.

Diving in Ohrid Lake

An unforgettable experience is diving in underwater archaeological sites. Diving is very attractive and popular in Ohrid Lake. The lake is a true archaeological treasury and full of endemic species of flora and fauna. For example, the Ohrid round sponge, living at a depth of 35 meters, is rarely found elsewhere. Together with the professional instructors, every tourist can enjoy day and night walks along the underwater archaeological sites in the Bay of Bones in Gradiste. Visitors are thrilled by the Neolithic pile settlement that is unique from this kind on the Balkans and the artifacts that can be seen in museum on water Bay of Bones.

Ohrid Lake diving

More information about Ohrid lake can be found on this website.

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