If you are looking for a destination where you can go with a caravan, moto - caravan, tent or trailer tent and if you believe in the feeling of really being in direct touch with nature and it’s breathtaking effect, Republic of Macedonia is the place to visit. 

This oasis in southeastern Europe offers great outdoors facilities for all sorts of camping of which is complimented with good shopping opportunities.


More Camp sites are located around the lakes, and most famous are :

Around Ohrid Lake:

AC AS - with an area of 94819m2 and

AC Livadiste – with an area of 55Ha, near to Struga city;

AC Ljubanista- 90.000m2 near to Ohrid city,

and around Prespa Lake:

AC Evropa-Otesevo with an area of 42.000m2 and

AC Krani with an area of 50Ha



AC "AS", Struga Ohrid Lake


4km from Struga, 12km from Ohrid

Area:94.819m2, 650 plots:200seasonal plots, 318 plots for camp trailers, 100 plots for camp cars, 15 parking places before the ramp, 115 camp trailers for rent.

Adress:AC "AS", Ezerski Lozja bb, Struga, Macedonia

Phone:00 389 46 785 800

Fax:00 389 46 780 460

Season: from 01.05 untill 01.10



AC "Livadishta", Struga, Ohrid Lake


7km from Albanian border and 10 km from the city of Struga


800 camps trailers, 400 plots for camp trailers, 150 parking places, 50 plots for rent

Address:AC "Livadiste", Struga, Macedonia

Phone:00 389 46 785 000

00 389 70 362 177

00 389 70 525 990

Season:from 01.01 untill 31.12



AC "Ljubanista", Ohrid Lake


Area:90 000m2

Capacity:2500 campers

Adress:AC "Ljubanishta", Village Ljubanishta, Ohrid ,Macedonia

Phone:00 389 46 283 011

00 389 46 283 240

Season:from 01.07 untill 31.08



AC "Evropa"Otesevo

18km from Resen, 32km from Ohrid


250 plots for camp trailers and tents, 15 villas-bungalows, sport terrains.

Address:AC "Evropa", Turisticka naselba Otesevo, resen, Macedonia

Phone:00 389 47 529 652

Season:from 15.04 until the end of October



AC "Krani", Prespa Lake

23km from Resen

Area:50Ha, 42 villas, 32 bungalows, 296 beds

Adress:AC "Krani", Resen, Macedonia

Phone:00 389 47 483 708

00 389 47 483 010

Season:from 01.05 untill 31.09


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